Dear Curious Soul, Intrigued Reader, or Wandering Star,

I am deeply and sincerely apologetic for having been absent for over three months now. It ached my heart and soul, especially the writer and believer in me, to have left you guessing where I have been or what I have been up to. These past few months have been quite an internal journey for me. I left you off with my experiences in Thailand and had meant to continue sharing my experiences and insights, but time is not always giving. For days I had content ready to be published, but with managing work, school, and life’s surprises, publishing my stories (this is so completely heart-wrenching for me to admit) needed to be placed on the back burner for awhile. It is heart-wrenching for me to admit this because writing and sharing important values, beliefs and insights through my stories is an important truth that I must constantly live and express. But I will not be hard on myself because if I am, then confidence and direction are lost, and you, my wonderful reader and believer, should not be given any less. My heart, passion and tenacity are here for you. Please accept my sincere apology and never misjudge my most faithful heart.

Navigating through the three months of fog has left me unconditionally at peace with myself. I may not have physically travelled to remote places of the world recently, but I have experienced an internal journey that has taught me an important lesson: Learn to be at peace with yourself. So this experience is worth sharing here since it relates to the concept of my site and travelling. As we journey through life’s lulls and surprises, we may find ourselves feeling lost or out of touch with ourselves at times (I know I did). It can be discouraging and sometimes we will feel hopeless that things may never change, but don’t give in–there is always sunshine at the end of a storm and a valuable experience that you gain. Learning to be at peace with yourself is not an easy process or discipline to acquire but with the mantras I list below, you can get yourself moving towards that direction. So, here are “33 Ways to Have More Peace” in your life that you should consider acting out:

  • Slow down and let your body come to rest once in a while
  • Let you inner critic go and instead talk nice to yourself
  • Listen to you heart and love more freely
  • Pay attention to your feelings, make sure you are doing ok
  • Spend time in the calmness of nature
  • Take a nap and dream about being peaceful
  • Pay attention to your intuition and act accordingly
  • Be more playful, do more fun things and laugh often
  • Have art days and express yourself creatively
  • Read about being peaceful, Thich Nhat Hahn is great
  • Sing songs that uplift you
  • Check out the dances for universal peace in your community
  • Go for quiet and relaxing walks
  • Listen to the birds sing, the sounds of a stream or the wind
  • Feel gratitude for all you have and for each moment
  • Expand your breathing and feel how alive you are
  • See the beauty of the world around you
  • Finish unfinished stuff that is bothering you
  • Have friends that really listen, be a friend and listen too
  • Change beliefs that limit you or make you feel guilty
  • Stop watching nightly news, do something healthy instead
  • Notice where fear runs you and change your thinking
  • Be kind to yourself and love and accept who you are
  • Do what feels right, say no to what doesn’t
  • Follow your own truth and live by your values
  • Enjoy your uniqueness and express who you are
  • Have a purpose in life and live it with passion
  • Only make commitments you can honor and follow through on
  • Focus on the positive and expect good things to happen
  • Stop blaming, take responsibility for creating your life
  • Explore what interests you and be a life long learner
  • Wake up and see yourself having a wonderful day
  • Find the peaceful place inside and visit often

Source: Joseph Bernard,

We must never forget that life is travelling too. It is just a different kind of journey–a journey into the depths of our soul. A key tip to remember when travelling: Life is about the journey, not the destination. So, if you take a second to focus on the moments and experiences in your life and discover the peace that can be created there, when you do reach the destination (wherever that is), you can look back in amazement and happiness for the journey you’ve just experienced.

Stick around for future posts! Stay curious, stay inspired and keep dreaming.

Until then my passengers of life!


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